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Since 1998, UK creative media agency redjelly, has worked internationally, creating beautiful work for both private and publicly funded companies. We specialised in creating corporate identities, promotional print publications and business strengthening websites.
Our commitment now focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), using our skills in graphic design and our experience in the controls industry to help make a great looking and engaging connected world.

Current Activity

With a background in the Building Controls and Energy Industry, I am currently providing specialist visual solutions in Niagara N4 and trainer in EasyIO. Trained in Tridium Niagara N4 Analytics, my skills keys into both engineering solutions and professional visual solution development.

N4 Graphics

New Dry Air Cooler SVG graphic created for a project we are currently working on. We have taken Standard Niagara N4 SVG library and modified the components to suit our needs. This is the easiest way to extend the great SVG library that comes standard with Tridium. Built for Bulk

ADAC - Unit

This was created using Affinity Designer for Onesight Solutions

Responsive Dashboard Graphics

With the addition of Responsive Pane in Tridium Niagara N4.7 it is possible to produce some flexible designs which cross between mobile and desktop use. We constantly strive to build great graphics, using the standard features within Niagara. read more...

Latest from the blog

Tridium N4 Night and Day - Responsive Pane

On the 10th June Tridium held there Forum in London and I was kindly invited to attend by my employer Onesight Solutions Ltd. I am always keen to see what developments are being made in the Tridium Niagara Platform, so was please to attend. Having had the opportunity to experiment with the…

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Building a Responsive Page in Tridium Niagara N4.7

Responsive Pane Since the introduction of the Responsive Pane into the Platform, Niagara can now build some really nice HTML5 mobile pages what work well on both desktop browser and mobile device. The examples below show just a couple of designs I am working on for One Sightsolutions. The first…

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Great Looking Charting in Tridium N4

Data Centre Dashboard Layouts We (Onesight Solutions limited) have recently finished a small project to build a nice charting library into Niagara N4. Although N4 has some nice graphics and Dashboarding functionality, our new charts and gauges give you the extra ability to make great HTML…

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