Graphics and Typography

Tridium N4 Night and Day - Responsive Pane

On the 10th June Tridium held there Forum in London and I was kindly invited to attend by my employer Onesight Solutions Ltd. I am always keen to see what developments are being made in the Tridium Niagara Platform, so was please to attend.

Having had the opportunity to experiment with the Responsive Panes before the event, I was delighted to see a presentation on there use and so that a wider engineering audience could see the features of using the standard palettes within Niagara N4 Workbench. Using the Responsive Panes, I created this example Dashboard layout to demonstrate how

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Building a Responsive Page in Tridium Niagara N4.7

Responsive Pane
Since the introduction of the Responsive Pane into the Platform, Niagara can now build some really nice HTML5 mobile pages what work well on both desktop browser and mobile device. The examples below show just a couple of designs I am working on for One Sightsolutions. The first screenshot is a draft design for an Air Handling Unit, which uses 2D graphics in the overview image. Having used the Responsive Pane on a purely mobile page, I found that the individual Panes are ideal for relativising data so that a single Pane can be

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Great Looking Charting in Tridium N4

Data Centre Dashboard Layouts

We (Onesight Solutions limited) have recently finished a small project to build a nice charting library into Niagara N4. Although N4 has some nice graphics and Dashboarding functionality, our new charts and gauges give you the extra ability to make great HTML Dashboards.
Engineering Layouts
Even plant dashboards can be built in very little time. Provided you have the data, informative and engaging information can be displayed to both engineering users and management, alike.

University Campus Layouts
After designing a number of simple layouts to show off

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Dry Air Cooler

This Dry Air Cooler SVG graphic was created for the BULK project we are currently working on in Norway. We have taken Standard Niagara N4 SVG library and modified the components to suit our needs. This is the easiest way to extend the great SVG library that comes standard with Tridium. Taking some existing N4 image and adding the components needed, ensure the dimensions and colouring matches the existing library.

If creating Graphics for N4 is something you are interested in, then get in touch with Onesight Solutions.

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Adiabatic Cooling System

Having worked with Tridium Niagara for about 10 years, and using their standard graphic libraries, it can be said that sometimes you have to break out the tools and create your own custom elements.
For this customer, we had to create an Adiabatic Cooling Coil, which is not something you come across every day. With two custom SVG graphics added, the standard N4 SVG library works well in this instance. Many additional items still need to be created.

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Our logo - how we got here!

Logo 2008

redjelly has been going since around 1996, only yesterday did I find the printed 'proof' of our first commercial website which was dated 1997.
In the first few years, we did play around with the name, this was because we wanted to make sure it was catchy and unforgettable. Having settled on 'redjelly' we have found that many of our clients agree that this identity is pretty unforgettable!!

Since the first version of the Logo, which was created for us, by an external print company, we quickly moved on to create a series

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Rice design

really rice design

I have spent the afternoon happily working away on some really nice graphic designs for a friend who is building up a exclusive world rice boutique and distribution network.

The basic website has only been up a week and we are already getting some inquiries from around the world, which is a bit of a surprise as I was not so sure exotic rices would be popular.

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