2D Plant and Equipment for Tridium

Over 2 years ago we were tasked with building a 2D graphic library of Tridium plant equipment. I know what I like when it comes to viewing BMS systems, but what about you? Are you partial to a 2d AHU or 3d Tank?

When it comes to BMS graphics, I like to get to the information and data as quickly as possible and understand the plant layout at a glance. For this reason, I favour 2D plant graphics and try and encourage the same with my clients. I have mentioned before that when it comes to putting BMS graphics together and the client needs a special plant item that and it does not exist in the standard library what do you do? Can you build your own 3D WSHP component? No, that's too complex!

I have seen many times that the solution to a lot of System Integrators, is to 'borrow' a graphic from a different library, which will probably have been created in a different style and layout angle. Leading to the Dogs Dinner effect!

One way around this problem is to build your own library in-house, which then allows you to extend plant equipment to include all sorts of specialist items. It is not overly difficult to achieve other than setting time aside to get the project completed... Also, stick to a 2D library first as getting a 3D library built will take a lot of effort and this should be reserved for your second project.

1st of 3 versions of the same AHU using different Library objects

I have put together an image that contains a Tridium AHU, built with standard library items. This looks great and will not take away from this professional library most clients will be happy with it.

One Sightsolutions/RJ version - 2D AHU using different Library objects

This next image shows the same AHU using our own library which has grown to include a range of equipment in 2D format so is adaptable and is easy to extend. We have even managed to build some animated SVG fans and pumps.

A Trend version - using a little known 2D Library objects

Finally, this bottom image contains the same AHU, using an alternative Trend 2D library that you may not know exists! I like the simplicity of the library and am surprised it's not used more.

I would love to hear from you to see which one of the 3 AHUs you prefer for a BMS graphic

Wet Plant

Wet Plant

Below are a number of plant items created for the wet systems in a building and show some of the operating states, Running, Stopped, and Fault. Building the library out like this shows the client what to expect from an operation graphic. The plant items have been created to fit the standard pipework library and colours match the Tridium's library as well. I do like the water tank and direct-fired water heater....try and find them in the standard library!!

Front Plane

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