Night and Day

On the 10th June Tridium held there Forum in London and I was kindly invited to attend by my employer One Sightsolutions Ltd.

I am always keen to see what developments are being made in the Tridium Niagara Platform, so was please to attend.

Having had the opportunity to experiment with the Responsive Panes before the event and with a little investment in time, it is amazing what can be created using the features of the standard palettes within Niagara N4 Workbench and wanted to share the possibilities. So I was delighted when these features were presented to a much wider engineering audience during the forum.

night and day

Using the Responsive Panes, I created this example Dashboard layout to demonstrate how a functional layout can be created with such a few elements.

With the trend to have Night and Day views in a lot of Apps, I thought I would add that feature as well! If you would like to know how to build this type of page, please get in touch.


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