The Logo that was redjelly

redjelly has been going since 1996 only today did I find the printed ‘proof’ of our first commercial handcrafted website which was dated 1997.

In the first few years, we did play around with the name and I am not even going to mention what the alternative names were, too embarrassing! We wanted to get the right name because we wanted to be unique and unforgettable. After a process of elimination, we settled on 'redjelly'. The name has served us well over the years and found that our clients agreed that this identity is pretty unforgettable, even though it did not describe what we did, you will always associate our business with the branding.

Since the first version of the Logo, which was created for us by an external print company, we quickly moved on to create a series of our own designs which have not only become something more distinctive but also more personal to the creative director.

redjelly spalsh logo '2000'
Logo 2004
Old Banner 2004
Logo 2005 on Promotional Video

When we purchased our domain name '' back in 1999, we were the only company which was using the name 'redjelly'. We searched the internet and could not find any company which was using this distinctive branding, so we snapped it up and registered the trademark. However, in the following decades many other companies, completely unrelated sprang up with 'redjelly' somewhere in the names. We like to think that we were the very first 'redjelly' on the web!

website banner 2008

© redjelly

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